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Goal-oriented therapeutic process guided by individualized treatment plans to resolve problems related to Substance Abuse which interferes with everyday functioning. Strong emphasis on developing motivation for change and gaining the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to live a substance-free life.

Consists of primary client and one or more family members with the intent of exploring family interaction patterns related to substance abuse and recovery, developing healthy skills and strategies to improve family functioning and encourage healthy interaction, and planning for stabilization and support for the client in recovery.

Therapeutic interaction among Therapist and up to 10 women designed to promote healthy client functioning and recovery through personal disclosure and interpersonal interaction within the group.

Therapeutic process directed at exploring the interrelationship between substance use and trauma and the impact of the trauma on an individual’s life and recovery. The process is directed at making sense of the traumatic experience and the feelings associated with it, and developing healthy coping skills to begin the healing process.

Specialized psychological method that combines elements from several well established theoretical orientations combined with bilateral stimulation to treat emotional difficulties caused by disturbing life experiences and traumatic events. Primary goal is to eliminate distress and change related negative beliefs and behaviors associated with the trauma.

Therapeutic process and interventions assist individuals in gaining a better understanding of how addiction and mental health interact, and the physical and emotional symptoms of co-occurring disorders linked to mood, trauma, adjustment, and personality that are often present in persons struggling with substance abuse.

Therapeutic interactions aimed at experiencing emotional expression and cognitive understanding surrounding the loss. Factors influencing each individual’s reaction to loss as well the phases of grief and mourning are explored to assist in managing symptoms and coping with stressors associated with loss.

Therapeutic use of the creative process of art making to explore feelings, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, increase self esteem., and improve and enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Evidenced based use of music interventions to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of an individual. Utilizing music in a therapeutic context to provide an avenue for communication, self-expression, and motivation for change.

Trained health professionals provide this popular form of Chinese medicine through a simple, standardized ear acupuncture protocol that offers individuals the opportunity for relaxation, detoxification, a realigning of the body systems, increased calmness, stress relief, and promotes the discovery of inner strength.

A supported, effective addiction recovery technique that allows individuals to examine their feelings, thoughts, and experiences in a non-judgmental way. Meditation is a valuable tool that promotes self-awareness and introspection while lowering the body’s acute response to stress and anxiety.

An ancient Indian practice utilizing controlled breathing and physical postures to promote a calm mind, improved concentration, patience, and foster a greater sense of control in an individual’s life.

Presentation of information and the application of the information using a wide variety of teaching methods along with group discussion to foster growth in recovery and enhance overall functioning.