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Identifies the primary emotions affiliated with anger and provides assistance with the development of healthy outlets and coping skills.

Addresses current habits and introduces healthy changes in the areas of money management, time management, basic problem solving, self-awareness and personal growth.

Education that focuses on all aspects of addiction with an emphasis on
the emotional, physical, and mental effects of substance use, and what to expect concerning recovery process.

Role play, self-assessment and interactive tools are utilized to foster
effective communication skills and improve interpersonal relationships.

A 12 session shame resilience class designed to better understand the concept of shame and promote the healing process.

The four key skills of DBT are introduced and applied to everyday situations to encourage emotional regulation and coping with distress.

Educational materials, videos, and the power and control wheel are used to learn about the different forms of domestic violence and teach prevention awareness.

Education on how mental health and addiction are often interrelated and provides basic knowledge on a variety of mental health disorders.

Focuses on the challenges of early recovery including identifying triggers
and working on the development of new skills to begin abstaining from substances and preventing relapse.

Local art therapists facilitate the creation of different forms of art work to promote healing and enhance a sense of personal well-being.

Education is provided on the different types of loss and the 5 stages of grief; healthy tools and outlets are provided to foster the healing process.

Health care professionals provide health information on specialized topics.
Education is provided on the effects of drug abuse on the brain and body and the physical and emotional healing that takes place in recovery.

Different types of boundaries are introduced, and the key components of healthy relationships are broken down and explored to help in establishing positive, healthy relationships.

An evidenced based workbook class designed for treating addiction. Four key modules include Self, Relationships, Sexuality, and Spirituality.

A bio-psychosocial approach is utilized to introduce core components needed to build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Introduces women to the basic principles behind the 12 steps and promotes understanding and practical application of 12 step recovery.

Provides a framework for implementing healthy parenting skills and addresses the challenges in parenting while new in recovery.

Cognitive behavioral approach to teach prevention skills, structure, and stability in maintaining abstinence from all substances.

Interactive group to learn about and promote feelings of self-worth and improve self-image.

A variety of coping skills are introduced to alleviate stress and increase overall health and well-being.

Explores the connection between trauma and addiction, and utilizes CBT and expressive arts to gain a thorough understanding of trauma and the effects of trauma, and begin moving through the healing process.

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You’ve taken the first step, now let us help you. The admission process is simple and confidential. Give us a call at 417.812.4440.