Information from Synergy Recovery Center about COVID–19

Our medical team, executive and clinical directors are receiving all updated information and recommendations from state and federal health agencies, as well as recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information to guide our policies and procedures.    

It is important to know we DO NOT have any reports of confirmed exposures within our organization. Should there be an impact to our clients or families, Synergy Recovery Center will take the necessary actions to inform clients, families and employees as soon as possible. 

This is what Synergy Recovery Center is doing: 

Our medical and clinical staff are monitoring the health of our clients and staff. Staff have been instructed to remain at home if they have a fever, have symptoms of a respiratory infection, have been exposed to a person with COVID-19, the flu, or any communicable disease, or if they have recently traveled to a high risk area as identified by the CDC. Also, staff have been trained on transmission, recognition, and treatment of this virus. 

Information regarding flu protocol has been provided to all staff and patients as COVID-19 is believed to spread primarily the same way the flu spreads – through respiratory droplets that are produced when someone coughs or sneezes. We are working to ensure our facility is properly stocked with necessary supplies. Clients and staff have received verbal and oral instructions on proper hand-washing techniques and respiratory etiquette.

Synergy Recovery Center is having thorough cleanings during each shift change wiping down “high touch” areas, such as doorknobs, phones, railing, and handles.  Synergy Recovery Center has a professional cleaning service using a special cleaning agent, Nex-All, to disinfect the air as well as all surface and touched areas. 

We are limiting all visitors to only that of absolute necessity.  Our family sessions will be conducted using a teleheath HIPAA compliant system.  We are limiting contract labors who come into our facility. All staff have been educated on practicing safe measures when off work and have made a commitment to not be in social settings, to practice proper hand-washing, to not be in contact with anyone who has any flu-like symptoms (body aches, fever, cough), or traveling outside our community. 

Our medical and clinical staff continue to work together to ensure safety measures are in place and are well prepared to respond to any needs. We assure you that client and staff safety is our number one priority. Thank you.

Synergy Recovery Center

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